Id How to create an art blog 2013
109 suggerimenti per stimolare la creatività
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1. Artists you admire, and why.
2. A recent painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. you are working on.
3. Why you decided to become an artist.

4. Topics about your art creation process.
5. Lessons you have learned as an artist.
6. Tips on art promotion.
7. How you choose your painting palette.
8. A slideshow of your art.
9. Drawings from your sketchbook.
10. Explain the inspiration or meaning behind artworks.
11. Write about a historical artist you admire (Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc.).
12. Write opinions about a post you saw on another art blog.
13. Highlight contemporary artists you admire.
14. Interview artists for spotlights.
15. Mention an art competition you are taking part in, or just want to recommend to other artists.
16. Give your own opinions of “What is true art?”
17. Self-critique one of your own artworks.
18. Write a critique of another artist’s work.
19. Talk about some of your favorite art blogs.

21. Write about painting and drawing techniques.

22. Blog your favorite artist quotes.
23. Quotes that inspire you.
24. Tips on using your sketchbook.
25. Explain different art movements, such as impressionism and post-modernism.
26. Speak about an art show you are part of, past or upcoming.
27. Blog about your art being published in a newspaper or magazine.
28. How do you explain your art to others?
29. How you come up with your ideas for paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, etc.
30. Favorite social networks to promote your art, such as Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin.
31. A movie or television show that inspires you.
32. Current events in the news that you feel strongly about.
33. Tips on finding an art gallery.
34. Places you have travelled or would like to visit someday.
35. Your favorite art supply websites and stores.
36. What are your preferred art tools?
37. Speak about art fairs you are planning on participating in, or ones from the past
38. A funny story or joke to lighten the mood.

39. Your goals and aspirations for the future.
40. Memories from art school.
42. Post your biography and artist statement.

43. How to create a portfolio, and write about your own portfolio.
44. Would you recommend art school to aspiring artists?
45. How do you sign your art?
46. Blog about a book you read, or are reading.
47. Talk about an art technique you invented.
48. Write a post about your favorite pet.
49. Topics about your family history.
50. Take a poll of your art blog readers.
51. How do you handle criticism?
52. Ask an artist friend to do a guest post in exchange for guest-posting at his/her blog.
53. Write about the place where you grew up.
54. Topics about memorable childhood experiences.
55. Do a review of a favorite book.
56. Post your art resume.
57. Do you prefer to paint from life, or from reference photographs?
58. How has life and nature inspired your art?
59. What ways do you save money on art supplies?
60. If you have a job outside of art, talk about the place where you work.
61. Write about current art news.
63. Give lessons in drawing and painting techniques and procedures.

64. Your favorite art galleries and museums.
65. Is there such a thing as “selling out”, and what is your opinion of artists who sell out?
66. An art exhibition you recently visited.
67. What role does art have in society?
68. Share tips on how to frame art.
69. How you organize your studio (or how much your studio is disorganized).
70. How do you decide on prices for your artworks?
72. Favorite art videos from Youtube.

73. Create a video showing your technique, studio tour, etc.
74. How do you cope with artist block?
75. How can people buy your art?
76. Share advice for emerging and aspiring artists.
77. Talk about an artist support group you belong to.
78. Blog about art clubs and organizations which you are a member.
79. What art classes have you taken?
80. Have you donated art to charity? Share tips on how it helps with art promotion.
81. What are your feelings on art therapy? Has your art been therapeutic?
82. If you sell art online, share tips on how others can.
83. What online art galleries are you a member of? Write reviews of each one.
85. How do you choose a title for your artwork?

86. How do you balance studio time with work, social life, recreation, etc.
87. Talk about the music you play in the background while painting.
88. What do you prefer: painting outdoors (plein air) or in your studio?
89. Display and write about the progression of a painting.
90. Do you make art prints and how can they be purchased?
91. Topics about art awards, art competitions, and art contests that you won.
92. Do you collect the art of other artists, or trade art?
93. Tips on processes such as stretching canvases and packaging art for shipment.
94. How often do you create art?
95. Time management tips for artists.
96. Topic about creating a series of paintings, and its advantages.
97. Daily painters topic. Try doing a small painting every day for a period of time and posting about it.
98. Write your opinion of controversial art and artists.
99. Painting, safety, and health hazards. How to make your studio safe.
100. Photoshop tutorials for artists.
101. Write about preparing art for a gallery show.
102. What motivates you to keep creating even when not selling?
103. Collaboration with other artists.
104. Fullfill the empty numbers of this list with your ideas.
105. Creating an email list and artist contacts, and artist newsletter.

106. How to write about art.
107. Write articles about your artist website, how you created it, and recent updates.
108. Your favorite online photo sharing sites, such as Flickr and Picasa.
109. Topics on how to create an art blog